Dangerous Weather Halts Recovery Mission for Avalanche Victim; Woman Rescued off Red Mountain Dies

Some sad news to report…

The King County Sheriffs Office announced April 14, 2013, that the woman recused from yesterday’s avalanche on Red Mountain near the Alpental ski area has passed away from her injuries.

Early reports said she was buried in 6 feet of snow and dug out by members of her snowshoeing group. She was hypothermic and unable to walk at the time. Search and rescue crews brought her down off the mountain.

It was also announced that the search for a missing snowshoer caught in the Granite Mountain avalanche was called off due to dangerous weather conditions near Snoqualmie Pass.  The man was identified as Mitch Hungate from Kent.

Seattle Mountain Rescue estimated the avalanche to be 30 feet wide, 1/3 mile long and up to 20 feet deep in spots.  Crews hope to resume the recovery mission for Hungate when weather conditions improve, bringing him home to his family who has been holding a vigil on Granite Mountain.

Both avalanches happened around 2PM on April 13, 2013, during heavy, wet mountain snow.

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