Snoqualmie Casino offers WSDOT $1M for immediate action on dangerous stretch of SR 18

In a recent letter to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Secretary of Transportation, Roger Millar, Snoqualmie Casino CEO, Brian Decorah, offered $1 million dollars in funding to pay for an assessment that is needed for the design and construction of a safer SR 18 between Issaquah-Hobart Road and Interstate 90.

In a recent blog post, WSDOT acknowledges that funding will be available for an assessment of SR 18 sometime next year.  The casino is offering to prepay the fee to see immediate action.

“We are ready to fund this assessment, immediately, if WSDOT agrees to begin the assessment in the next 90 days,” said Mr. Decorah. “We are offering $1 million dollars in the names of everyone that has lost their life on this 7-mile stretch of road.”

On October 12, 2018, Snoqualmie Casino team members Maria Wong (mother) and Jasmine Lao (daughter) lost their lives during their morning commute when a driver crossed the center line and struck their vehicle head-on.

Since 2010, there have been 25 serious-injury or fatal traffic accidents that have occurred between Issaquah-Hobart Road and I-90. Over the last 10 months, there have been seven fatalities.

“Over the last 10 months, that is one fatality every 43 days,” said Mr. Decorah. “That’s alarming. And, while we are encouraged to learn that there is state-approved funding for the project, we are concerned that the dollars will not be available until sometime next year. We have 450 team members that travel this stretch of road, every day. Each day without action is another day that we wait to hear news of another tragedy. We don’t want to wait. We want action, for Maria, Jasmine, and everyone that has lost a loved one on this road.”

Photo: Maria and Jasmine from GoFundMe page that has raised over $27,000 since their October 12th fatal accident

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  • This is absolutely amazing, indeed.
    We need to put people first and fix this horrifying risk.

  • This is amazing to see such an offer. I hope this brings intense focus to SR 18. Anyone who drives SR 18 often is highly aware of how dangerous it is. I’m sure it would take massive pressure, time shifting and change in plans for WSDOT, and if it’s obtainable, there will be much support behind it. If volunteer work becomes available, I will plan to be involved.

  • Good on you Snoqualmie Casino!! Now if the state can just get out of it’s own bureaucratic way and take immediate action! Kudos to the tribe!

  • Living Snoqualmie