Snoqualmie City Council To Consider Property Tax Exemption For Land Adjacent Eagle Point Neighborhood; Possibly Creating Future Location Of 160 Unit Affordable Rental Housing Complex

At the June 11th Snoqualmie City Council Meeting, council members will consider a resolution and ordinance that could pave the way for the construction of a new, affordable rental unit complex adjacent the Eagle Point Community of Snoqualmie Ridge, near I-90 and Snoqualmie Parkway.  The city council is considering designating Snoqualmie Ridge II Plat S-20 a targeted area for affordable housing.

According to the meeting agenda, the City Council will consider Resolution 1148, which gives notice of the city’s intent to designate land parcel S-20 “as the Initial Residential Targeted D Area For Exemption From Ad Valorem Real Property Taxation,” as well its intent to hold a public meeting on that move.

In addition to designating the targeted land exempt from property taxes, the council will then consider an ordinance that actually gives the real property tax exemption to multifamily housing targeted for that S-20 plat.  That property tax exemption is one step toward making future residential development on the land affordable.

The resolution’s summary says, “Snoqualmie Ridge II lacks sufficient available, desirable and convenient affordable housing to meet the needs of the public who would be likely to live in Snoqualmie Ridge II, if affordable, desirable, attractive and livable places to live were available, and the designation of S-20 as a residential targeted area for affordable housing would increase residential opportunities and stimulate the construction of new affordable multifamily housing and increase and improve residential opportunities.”

At its May 29th meeting, city council approved Ordinance 1146 which authorized the city to submit an application to King County for Community Development Block Grant funding for Parcel S-20 public infrastructure improvements to support low-income housing development.  Imagine Housing will be the co-applicant on the application.  According to the June 11th agenda, “City Council desires to advance the provision of housing affordable to low-income and very low-income households.”

Imagine Housing is proposing developing 160 apartments on Parcel S-20 that will be affordable to households earning 60% or less of the county’s median income. Constructing rental housing at this affordability level requires some public funding assistance, which is why the city and Imagine Housing will apply for grants to help fund the land’s infrastructure development.

Imagine Housing, formerly St. Andrews Housing Group, develops permanent, affordable rental housing for individuals and families in East King County.  According to Imagine Housing, “The increasingly high cost of living in Washington State is forcing families to move into areas with no transportation, few job opportunities and little personal security.”  Their solution for this problem is to bring affordable housing to King County’s Eastside, which is the most populous county in Washington.

Their goal is to create communities where individuals and families where can live regardless of their income level; a community that can provide people such as teachers, service professionals and minimum wage earners affordable housing, allowing them live in the same cities where they work.  For more information on Imagine Housing visit their website.

The Snoqualmie City Council Meeting happens Monday, June 11th, at 7PM at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River ST in historic Snoqualmie.  Public comment is welcome.  There will be a Public Hearing on the proposed development on July 9th for citizens to express concerns.

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