Snoqualmie City News: Big Sidewalk Closure and Tree Replacement Near Golf Course

Three Week Snoqualmie Parkway Sidewalk Closure

Runners and walkers be advised! The City of Snoqualmie says beginning Friday October 4, 2013, a portion of the sidewalk on the west ParkwaySidewalkside of Snoqualmie Parkway (a popular route of runners and walkers) will be temporarily closed for installation of a new water main and storm water line. Although, on Saturday, October 5th, the sidewalk was still open, but with obvious signs the project is close to starting.

The sidewalk will be closed between SE Jacobia Street (near I-90) and SE Swenson Drive.  A sidewalk detour will follow SE Swenson Drive to Swing Ave SE to SE Jacobia Street – so through the Deer Park and Aster Creek neighborhoods. Installation and restoration of the sidewalk is expected to take three to four weeks.

Pedestrians are requested to stay clear of the site and NOT walk around the fencing. Questions  about the project can be answered by the Snoqualmie Parks & Recreation Department at 425-831-5784 or


Tree Replacement near TPC Snoqualmie Ridge

As the weather permits, Signature Landscape Services will begin removing poor soils in parking strips along Eagle Lake Drive SE from Denny Peak Drive to Turnberry Street. They will also install new drainage and irrigation systems, add good quality topsoil and hydro seed to grass.

City of Snoqualmie staff will plant the replacement trees and create new tree mulch rings. The city also welcomes volunteers to assist  with tree planting. Exact timing of the future planting is still to be determined, as the project is at the mercy of local weather.

The project is estimated to last about 40 days, but could be less with good weather. Work occurs from 7:30AM to 4:30PM.  Traffic is expected to be only slightly impacted, with two lanes open during most of the construction.

One lane may close briefly for trucks loading or unloading soil and/or drain rock. Traffic flaggers will be located on Eagle Lake Drive to ensure the safety of residents.

The project is funded by multiple sources, including the City of Snoqualmie, a grant from the Washington Department of Natural Resources and contributions from the Snoqualmie Ridge Residential Owners Association Landscape Committee.


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  • would be nice to omit the watering devices. .and take the opportunity to plant drought tolerant plantings that do not take costly maintenance and drain natural resources. I know my trees go all year without watering. .as does my “field” front and back yards. I don’t irrigate anything but some annual baskets etc.. draining our natural resources after raping the land is really quite un resourceful and a waste of this planets natural resources while teaching future generations that the resources are not ever lasting. I really don’t get it why a community has to be developed around wasteful actions? Why can’t the community grasp opportunities to give back to the earth instead of taking ? just wondering?

    1. The water used to irrigate Snoqualmie Ridge public areas, including the golf course, is grey water from the sewage treatment plant which is not suitable for drinking. I fully support the recycling of waste water to keep our community green in an environmentally friendly way.

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