Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater: The Valley’s best kept secret

[Article by contributing writer and Snoqualmie resident, Amanda Rich.]

Adjacent to Snoqualmie Ridge a hidden oasis lies along the Snoqualmie River at the base of Snoqualmie Falls. Even longtime Valley residents don’t know it exists. 

The Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre is a 95-acre sanctum of diverse landscape of thick trees, wetlands, riverfront and open clearings complete with fruit trees that likely date back to an original valley homestead. Trails that loop through the property connect from the Snoqualmie-Preston Trail. Standing by the river you get the best view of Snoqualmie Falls that I have ever seen. 

View of the Falls from Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater property

The Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre was formed as a nonprofit in 1965. Committed to promoting the arts, the theater has hosted many theatrical productions over the years, including Annie, Meet Me in St. Louise, Into the Woods and other well-known musicals and plays. Other annual events include holiday wreath making and an Easter egg hunt. The property is also available to rent for special events. There are restrooms with showers and a caretaker who lives on site. 

This summer, two musical events are planned. On August 10th the Christy McWilson Experience performs in the 300-seat auditorium. The Kings of Swing will perform for a dinner/dance gala & auction on August 17th. Local music producer Morgan Henley will partner with the theatre for a musical lineup in summer 2020. Next year, we are also likely to see the return of a theater production.

How can you support the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre? The board is recruiting volunteers for their upcoming events. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions are tax deductible. Annual memberships are also available. 

The benefits of membership are a plenty. Members receive two tickets for shows produced by the theatre, year-round access to the 95-acre gated property that offers hiking trails, river access, a playground and picnic area. Camping is available only to members (reservations are required).

The board is also seeking new members and would like to welcome people with website management experience and someone to help with publicity and marketing to publicize events and the availability of the space for events and productions. 

Memberships and contributions help the board to preserve the forest as open space and promote the arts. The board has also engaged in efforts to restore fish-spawning habitats in the creeks that run through the property.

Visiting this expansive, private refuge in the woods just minutes from downtown Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Ridge is a unique experience. Walking down to the Snoqualmie Falls viewpoint, I had so much appreciation for the history of this landscape and what the theater has preserved in keeping the property mostly untouched. 

Entrance to Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater
Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater unique stage and seating area.

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  • The photo of the falls is not taken on forest theater property. You are trespassing on Puget Sound Energy property.

    1. Does it really matter, Where the picture was taken at? Kinda irrelevant to this post!! Why can’t people just be positive!?

    2. PSE allows folks who hike on the trails starting at SFFT to access the land all the way up to the banks of the river at the base of the falls. They even allow photography once you get there ;). One should not, however, leave the paths/boardwalks below Salish lodge on the NE side of the river; PSE will call the police and they will escort you away.

      1. Steve, What is SFFT? is there a legitimate way to access the opposite side of the river with views seen in the picture posted in this article or does one have to belong to the outdoor theater group? Thank you Sir!

    3. The writer of this article was with a representative of Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater while she took the photo.

    4. If you actually read the article you’d understand that the writer was escorted by a representative of the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater. I’m sure PSE would appreciate your undying loyalty but try to be nice Ryan.

    5. @ryanfredell life of the party, great neighbor and friend.
      Your positive energy fiills a room. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Thanks for the info asxhole….but the forest was there way before the corporate PSE ever acquired the land….so in the end it doesn’t matter who owns the land …the picture is Amazing regardless!!

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