Snoqualmie Falls Show Off When the River Rises

One thing a subtropical, warm winter weather system brings to the Snoqualmie Valley is rising rivers.  This winter the Valley hasn’t endured many flood threats.  The couple we’ve had were minor at best.

The last three days of warm, late winter temperatures courtesy of a rainy “pineapple express” weather system melted some mountain snow pack and pushed the Snoqualmie River up its banks.  And when the river rises, she always puts on a show at Snoqualmie Falls, exhibiting the sheer power of the often tranquil river.

Today was no exception.  With the rain stopped and the skies almost bright, I headed to Snoqualmie Falls, as I’d heard the lower viewing deck was back open.  I should’ve brought an umbrella.  I forgot when the falls are running strong, they create their own weather system.

At my car it was dry and pleasant.  100 feet away at the lower viewing deck, it was a rain storm of river mist created by the force at which Snoqualmie Falls was hitting the river basin below.  Two minutes in and I looked like I’d just gotten out of the shower.

It was worth it, though.  The park was sparse on tourists and the view was mine (and about 5 others) to own for a few minutes – and be reminded of the power of mother nature as the weather warms, the snow melts and the falls roar to late winter life.


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