Snoqualmie Fire Department Looking for Local, Part-Paid Firefighters

Are you a local resident interested in becoming a firefighter?  Know someone who is?  The Snoqualmie Fire Department is offering an opportunity to get your foot inside the fire station, working closely with firefighters and learning about the things involved in emergency response.

The City of Snoqualmie is looking for dedicated men and women to serve as part-paid members of the Snoqualmie Fire Department. Part-paid staff work closely with the career firefighters in the areas of emergency response and public and community events, including filling the third or fourth EMS/firefighter position on emergency calls.

The requirements for becoming a part-paid firefighter are very rigorous and stringent, but the city says at the same the job is very rewarding.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, live within a ten minute drive of the City of Snoqualmie and have a clean background and safe driving history. 

Interviews & Training

Interviews and general written knowledge exams will be held on Saturday, January 10, 2015, at 9AM, at the Snoqualmie Fire Station. 37600 SE Snoqualmie Parkway.

After passing the pre-test, applicants will be tested by the King County EMT Academy. If the applicant passes both tests and is offered a position, he or she will begin EMT training in early spring of 2015.

 Initially, new members will receive three months of comprehensive emergency medical technician (EMT) training. Once certified, new members will complete a rigorous and comprehensive six-month EMT recruit training program. Interested members may then choose to move on to firefighter recruit training.

Applications are due no later than December 30, 2014.

Pick up an application Snoqualmie Fire Station, 37600 SE Snoqualmie Parkway or download an application HERE. More information about being a part-paid EMS/firefighter, including a letter from Snoqualmie Fire Chief Mark Correira is online at the City of Snoqualmie website.

 For more information and /or questions, interested applicants can also call 425-888-1551

Photo: City of Snoqualmie

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