Snoqualmie Mourns Loss of Longtime Barber and Friend, Jerry Main

I met Jerry because I have a teenaged son who was once a little red-haired boy who loved being boosted up on the antique barber chair and getting his hair “buzzed” by Snoqualmie’s longtime barber, Jerry Main. Jerry passed away suddenly last Monday, September 24th, at the young age of 60.  He will be greatly missed

Jerry was a Snoqualmie native; born in his hometown on July 10th, 1952.  He even married his high school sweetheart Susan Cabe, with whom he had just celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary.  Jerry is also is survived by his three children and seven grandchildren.

According to the flier hanging on the closed barbershop window, Jerry loved his barbershop and cherished the relationships he had with his customers.

I can attest to that.  My son and I loved our visits to Jerry’s shop.  We were new to Snoqualmie in 2001 and Jerry enlightened us with many stories of Snoqualmie’s history – the history before the Ridge.  In some ways, Jerry was our connection to what Snoqualmie once was; long before Snoqualmie Ridge was developed.

My son loved hearing the history of Jerry’s antique barber chairs; one of which I believe is close to one hundred years old.  He was a kind man who always made us feel at home; and in the early years of the Ridge, it was easy to kind of feel like an outsider.  Thanks to Jerry, we never, ever, felt that way.

Outside of his barbershop, Jerry was an avid fisherman and hunter.  But as the flier states, above all else, Jerry loved his family and was a kind and gentle man.

A Celebration of Jerry’s Life will be held this Sunday, October 7th at 1PM at the Eagles Hall in downtown Snoqualmie.  The public is welcome to come and share a story or two of their “Jerry memories.”

There is a donation fund set up for Jerry’s family at Sno Falls Credit Union.


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  • I remember seeing him twice every day sitting outside reading books. I never met him but I definitely noticed when he stopped sitting outside. It’s so sad that I never stopped to talk to him. As an avid reader myself, I am sure I would have enjoyed talking to him.

  • Thank you for the beautiful article on my Dad. He was an incredible man. The best father a girl good ask for. I haven’t even been able to drive down railroad ave this last week because i usually would toot my horn twice and get the best smile from my Dad. It was contagious. If he had nobody in his chair i pulled up to give him a quick peck on the cheek and off i would go. My Dad has been my rock and mentor. It sounds like he was for many in our valley old and new. I can’t wait to hear all the stories about my Dad this Sunday at his celebration. I am so proud my Dad was so respected by all. Thank you Danna for the write up. Thank you Snoqualmie valley and beyond for all your support and for keeping my Dad’s spirit alive!!!!
    Staci Ray (Main)

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