Snoqualmie Point Park and Centennial Fields Damaged By Vandals

Cars driving in two Snoqualmie parks during recent snow storms caused considerable damage to heavily-used sports fields and a popular wedding rental site.

The melted snow fully exposed the damage at Snoqualmie Point Park and Centennial Fields.  Vehicles crossed into the pedestrian-only area at Snoqualmie Point Park,  37580 SE Winery Road, and tore up the grassy area popular for summer weddings.  Vehicles also traversed the playing fields at award-winning Centennial Fields, 39903 SE Park Street.  The park is heavily used by local sports leagues from early spring through late fall for soccer, baseball and football.

Driving on snow-covered fields may seem like harmless fun, but can cause considerable damage.  The Snoqualmie Parks & Recreation Department will assess the damage and repair the fields in spring.  The damaged grass will most likely need  re-seeding at that time.  Until the damaged grass is back to normal, these areas of both parks will be off-limits to patrons.

The City of Snoqualmie asks that if you see someone driving on an athletic field or sport court, or otherwise vandalizing park property, please call 9-1-1.  Please provide a vehicle license plate number or a description of the vehicle (including make, model and color) if possible.

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