Snoqualmie Valley Garbage Pickup Disrupted Due To Alabama Strike – March 29th

You read the headline correctly.  For Thursday, March 29th, local Snoqualmie Valley garbage pickup is disrupted by a union picket all the way in Alabama.  This is not a local labor dispute.  Local Puget Sound Allied Waste union representatives  formed a picket line here in support of a union issue occurring in Alabama.

If your pickup was missed today, Allied Waste will collect a double load on your next regularly scheduled collection day.  Extra garbage should be placed in securely tied plastic bags next to garbage containers.  Recycle should be placed next to recycle bin securely to ensure it does not blow away.

Customers can call Allied Waste with more specific questions at 425-392-6651.  You can also visit their website for more information.

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  • I don’t know how this helps union labor in Alabama but it sure makes it tough on people who are elderly or disabled up here in bear country who now have to drag everything back into the garage or shed and drag it all out again next week. The drivers should have considered communicating with the customers who they are burdening. They could have posted on local info boards that this would be happening, and many older or people with physical struggles could have known ahead of time.
    Today was yard waste day, will they be picking up yard waste next week?

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