Snoqualmie Valley School Bond In Need Of A Come From Behind Rally With Final Votes

** Update: 2/9/11 – King County Elections: 8,510 ballots now counted. 58.82% Yes / 41.18% No. 60% super-majority needed to pass. **

The first school bond election results were a little “deflating” for supporters says Valley Voters for Education.  With 7,711 of the 8,615 returned (as of yesterday) ballots tallied, once again another SVSD school bond is sitting at a 58.52% approval rate.  While that would pass a school levy, construction bonds require a 60% “super-majority” approval rate.

King County Elections website posts daily totals of returned ballots.  The final days of elections tend to generate high daily return amounts.  Yesterday alone, 781 ballots were received.  Past election data points to similar high totals for today also possible.  This is a mostly a result of procrastination – people waiting until the last minute to mail their ballots.  Those ballots mailed yesterday would be received today.  You can check daily ballot return totals at  On a positive note, return statistics do show more people voting on this school bond than previous ones.  As of yesterday over 40% of registered SVSD voters had voice their opinions.

With a possible 1500 – 2000 ballots still to count,  VVFE reminds the public it’s still too close to call.  A small amount of votes can change 58.5% to 60%.  The 2003 school bond that built CVES and TFMS had similar results on election night.  That bond went on to pass by 34 votes.  Until then it’s wait and see Snoqualmie Valley.  The results are definitely not final, though.

Final election results will be certified on February 23rd.  Until then new totals and results will be posted each afternoon at 4:30PM.  For detailed information on elections results visit

Check back here for more updates each evening as well.   This site will be kept updated.

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