Snoqualmie Valley School Bond Recount Featured On KOMO News


Photo courtesy of KOMO news


Oh, the saga of our school bond.  The drama is good enough now to make its tv debut!

KOMO news featured the story on its 6PM newscast last night, March 1st.  For those of you that missed it, here is the link:  You can read the story or watch the video.  Supporters be prepared if you read the comment section.  Most comments are against the bond and recount.

The story featured many details already known if you live in the valley – bond failing by one vote, Facebook fundraiser to fund the hand recount, details on the growth and overcrowding.  It did report the new detail that King County Elections will perform the hand recount this Thursday, March 4th.  The SVSD School Bond election result will then be officially (and finally) certified the following day, March 5th.  Nearly a month after the election.   Then it is time to move forward – no matter the direction.

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