Snoqualmie Valley Schools open, running two hours late with limited transportation

Some late weekend snow and overnight cold temperatures have affected thousands of SVSD students’ return to school after mid-winter break.

Early Monday morning, the Snoqualmie Valley School District announced that schools will open TWO HOURS LATE on February 26, 2018 due to winter road conditions.

There will also be limited bus transportation to Areas A, B and C. No AM Preschool, No AM Encompass, and no out-of-district transportation.

Below are the altered bus routes the district uses for limited transportation days. Note that the pick up locations for many routes changes on these days.

You can also find that info on their Emergency Information page.


  • Cedar Falls Road – No side roads serviced past River Bend and no service past Wilderness Rim. If this road closes, there will be no bus transportation on Cedar Falls Road.
  • Wilderness Rim – Main road only; no side street service or stops around the lake.
  • 468th Ave. SE & Edgewick Road – All side roads meet at Edgewick Road. Route goes to 464th Way SE and turns around at the end.
  • Middle Fork Road – Bus will turn around at Twin Falls Middle School.
  • Mt. Si Road – No side roads serviced and no service beyond 470th (River Point).
  • Uplands – Pick up at 415th Ave. SE and SE 142nd Street.
  • Forster Wood – Meet at entrance. (NEW)

AREA “B” SNOQUALMIE (plus, Lake Marie and Lake Alice areas) 

  • 96th St. – Echo Lake – Meet at entrance to 96th.
    • No side roads will be serviced.
    • Deer Park (HS/MS students only) – Pick up at SE Swensen Dr. & SE Leitz St. No elementary bus service for SE Swensen Dr. to TRES.
    • Aster Creek – Pick up at SE Jacobia St. & Hancock Ave. SE.  (NEW)
    • Eagle Point (HS/MS only) – Pick up at SE Jacobia St. & Hancock Ave. SE. (NEW)
    • Eagle Lake (HS/MS only) – Pick up at Fairway Ave. SE & SE Ridge St.
    • No bus service to Cascade View Elementary.
    • Azalea (HS/MS only) – Pick up at Fairway Ave. SE & SE Ridge St.
    • Carmicheal – Stops along Carmichael Ave. SE, not beyond SE Sorenson St.
  • Highland Drive & Tokul Road – Pick up at 3 intersections: Main Line & 396th Drive SE.; 396th Dr. SE and SE 53rd St.; and, SE 53rd Way & Tokul Road SE.
  • Ernie’s Grove – Pick up at SE 72nd St. & 444th Ave SE.
  • SE 80th St. (Coal Mine Rd.) – No service beyond 378th Ave SE.
  • Lake Alice (Fall City) – Pick up at trail head at SE 56th St.; no transportation into Heather Crest.
  • Lake Marie (Fall City) – Pick up at 356th Ave. SE at the first entrance to Spring Glenn.


  • Ames Lake –
    • No side roads serviced. Pick up at the entrance of all developments along Ames Lake Road.
    • No transportation around Ames Lake. Pick up at NE 34th st. & NE 40th St.
  • Devereau / Camden Park Area – Pick up at Albertson’s on Redmond-Fall City Road.
  • Issaquah-Fall City Road – Pick up at the lower Issaquah-Fall City Road at the junction of SE 40th St & Issaquah-Fall City Road.
  • Montaine – Pick up at 278th Ave. SE and the park.
  • Alderra Estates – Pick up at entrance at 278th Ave SE & Duthie Hill Road.
  • SE 8th St. & 292nd Ave NE – Pick up at Highway 202 & SE 8th St.
  • Blakely Wood, Hawthorn Ridge, 290th Ave NE , Tolt Hill Road – Pick up at 290th Ave NE & Tolt Hill Road.
  • Fall City Uplands – Pick up at 328th Ave SE & SE 48th St.
  • Riverview Mobile Park – Pick up at “Y” stop sign.
  • David Powell Road – Pick up at the entrance.

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