Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services, now Reclaim, Honored at North Bend City Council Meeting

On November 1, 2022, Mayor Rob McFarland and City Councilmembers honored Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services (SVSS) with a Certificate of Appreciation for ten years of exemplary work in serving people who are living unhoused in the Snoqualmie Valley.

“Our region is fortunate to have a local shelter agency equipped with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers devoted to serving those in need and in search of services,” Mayor McFarland commented. Located in downtown Snoqualmie, the organization currently provides shelter for approximately 45 individuals per night and is open year-round, with ten permanent beds and five temporary overflow beds.

Jen Kirk, Executive Director, and Don Scaramasta, President, accepted the certificate on behalf of the organization. Also announced at the City Council Meeting are SVSS’s rebranding efforts, which have materialized as Reclaim, with the tagline, Stability. Opportunity. Connection.

One reason for Reclaim’s rebranding efforts focused on the realization that a name change could connect more people in need of services. “For those entering homelessness, the reality of calling a shelter organization can be overwhelmingly frightening and even embarrassing,” said Jen. Reclaim encompasses the organization’s goals as a resource that provides pathways to stability, opportunity, and connection.

Reclaim is funded by state, county, and city governments, foundations, faith organizations, and private citizens. Learn more about Reclaim’s programs, who they serve, and ways you can help by visiting their website,

[Information provided by the city of North Bend]

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