Snoqualmie's Uncorked Wine Bar Shifts Focus To The Food As It Revamps Menu, Kitchen and Interior For One-Year Anniversary

It’s been a year since Uncorked Wine Bar changed ownership, a year that has helped owner, Robert Sinclair, figure out where he wants to take Uncorked.  The first year of observation is leading to some big changes at Uncorked as it gets ready to celebrate the first anniversary of its grand opening under Robert’s ownership.

Probably the biggest change patrons will notice is the menu.  Robert said for some time Uncorked has had a large main menu and a small fresh sheet.  Knowing that the main menu has a core set of items that sell well, as well as the fact that the restaurant has gained a “foodie” following that comes to eat off the fresh sheet, the menu is being changed to reflect its customers.

Uncorked’s plan is to consolidate the favorites from the main menu, making the “Everyday” menu slightly smaller, and use the extra capacity and time to build a more creative and extensive fresh sheet menu.

Robert says, “Our objective for the Fresh Sheet is to have multiple dishes changing every day and to build the Fresh Sheet items from locally sourced farm fresh ingredients – organic where possible.”  The idea is to do “farm to table” as much as possible.  Uncorked is currently working with local farmers to make this a reality.

To help take this new idea to creation, Robert hired a new chef, Brian Britton, who graduated from Cordon Bleu, has extensive catering experience, has owned multiple restaurants and worked in large resort hotels.

Part of the battle Uncorked has faced as a restaurant is its small, limited kitchen space, with only one workable counter prep area.  This is coupled by half of that small kitchen being occupied by 7′ tall refrigerators and freezers that store all those menu items.  A move to a smaller everyday menu and larger fresh sheet is allowing Uncorked to bring in smaller, worktop refrigerators and create more usable kitchen work space to create new menu items.

The new kitchen design will also allow chefs to get the food to customers in a more timely fashion.  Robert is confident that once the redesign is complete and staff is accustomed to the new equipment, the kitchen’s new capabilities will enable him to commit to a timely delivery of customers’ orders.  In the future, if they don’t meet that time commitment, Robert says Uncorked will buy the customers’ food.

If you haven’t been into Uncorked for a while, some big changes have occurred during the past month.  The dark-olive green walls have been re-painted a warm yellow shade.  The wood has all been re-stained a darker brown.  The restaurant also ordered all new artwork – food and drink related – to give the space a French Bistro feel.  The outdoor summer furniture has also been replaced and they are now offering a full-bar and expanded beer selections.

Starting this weekend, June 15 & 16th, Uncorked will be open for lunch – a first for the restaurant.  Their 1st Anniversary celebration is the following weekend, June 22nd & 23rd, where they will be presenting patrons with Amuse Bouche, free tasting of new menu items and possibly live music.

It boils down to Uncorked becoming more of a food destination.  They don’t intend to become less of a wine bar, but they’ve discovered there are more people who eat than drink wine, and they want to cater to this majority for the long-term success of the business.

Robert says, “Ultimately we want Uncorked to be a place where everyone can come for really great food, whether a small plate or full dinner entrée, and enjoy whatever type of adult beverage is to their liking. The only people we can’t appeal to are minors, which only goes to prove that no matter how hard you try, you can’t be all things to all people.”

To learn more about Uncorked you can visit their website or like their Facebook page to keep up on the redesign and daily Fresh Sheet Menus.

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