Snoqulamie YMCA January Updates

The Snoqualmie Y / Community Center is off to a fast start.  Opening its doors on January 1st to 1,200 charter members, it’s now on the way to 2,000 members and open to the entire community.  The Y has sold over 500 memberships to date, surpassing its January goal.  Unfortunately, due to last week’s snow and ice storm, the January 21st Grand Opening Ceremony was canceled.  It will be re-scheduled, but a date has not been set yet.

New artwork was installed in front the facility on January 14th.  The twenty-foot tall sculpture was courtesy of the Snoqualmie Arts Commission.  It is titled, Ta-Dah, and features two children, one doing a hand stand on top of the others hand.  The top child rotates, making practical use of the strong Snoqualmie winds.

As with any new business, the facility is still evolving, catering to the community’s needs.   The Teen Center is now available to 5th graders and evening “Hang Time”  is available to kids 8 and older at 5PM instead of 6:30PM.

Kids University, the Y’s after school classes, start next week.  DMW Martial Arts and Cascade Dance are a couple local businesses leading some of those classes. For a full class list click here:  SNQKidsU-1

You have until Tuesday, January 31st to join without paying joining fees.  For a family membership, that’s $150.  For more information on this promotion, after school programming or general membership visit the Snoqualmie Y homepage.

Now, if the parking lot lights would just start working.  It’s really dark in that lot.  PSE is working to fix them as soon as possible.  They just got a little backed up last week with storm repairs.

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  • “The Teen Center is now available to 5th graders and evening “Hang Time” is available to kids 8 and older at 5PM instead of 6:30PM.”

    Hi Danna-I sent Julia to the teen hang time last Friday and she was kicked out. Turns out 5th graders are still not allowed for teen hang time. : ( And she was looking forward to Dodgeball tonight!

    1. I will look into this Jeannie. I had Y staff specifically tell me this and to include in this story. Sorry that happened to Julia.

      1. No worries–she was just annoyed with me. She can wait until she is a 6th grader.. ha! She even joined the big kids last night at dodgeball and thought it was funny how many times she got hit.

        1. Thanks. Glad she had fun. The kids really seem to love weekly dodgeball. I am getting clarification from the Y today and will do an update soon.

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