Special Memorial Day Ceremony shared gratitude one handshake at a time

It was special Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th, at Snoqualmie Casino when team members Vicente Mariscal, Gil De Los Angeles, Ken Metzger and Michael Morgan – all U.S. military veterans – presented over 250 Challenge Coins to veterans from all over the region.

Challenge coins are a form of recognizing military members for achievements by a commander or an organization.  The Snoqualmie Casino Challenge Coin is a heavy antiqued, high-quality brass coin with a hand enameled colored American Flag sitting behind an eagle.  The eagle representing strength and the American Flag representing freedom.

Snoqualmie Casino Advertising and PR Manager Tarah Smigun said [from her perspective], there is a special comradery that exists among veterans.  She said she was very touched watching casino team members share moments of laughter, story-telling and somber respect with the veterans that came out for the ceremony.

She added,  “You can see the pride in the faces of these men and women and in many also a quiet humility.  You can tell the acknowledgement of their service meant so much to them.”

“One of the core values that we instill among our team at Snoqualmie Casino is the appreciation of veterans and active duty service men and women,” said President and CEO Brian Decorah. “The Snoqualmie Casino Challenge Coin was created to express our gratitude to these courageous men and women for their strength and dedication to our country.”

Gil De Los Angeles, Vince Mariscal, Michael Morgan and Ken Metzge
Challenge Coin Handshake, 5/27/19

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  • Also on Memorial Day Snoqualmie American Legion Post 79 onduted four well attended Remebrance Servies at three local cemeteries in Prerston, Fall Cityu and North Bend concluding with a ceremony at the Snoqualmie Valley Veterans Memorial with luch for all at Post 79’s hall, At each ceremony there were military honors with a three-volley riflwe salute and Taps. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uZi5nXAUtaw8Rt7u5

  • Also on Memorial Day Snoqualmie American legion Post 79 conducted four identical services one hour apart starting with Preston Cemetery, thenFall City Cemetery, Mt Si Cemetery and lastly at the Snoqualmie Valley Veterans Memrial, Each service consisted or reading and speaches followed by a three-volley rifle salute with Taps and all were very well attended. At the conclusion of the last service Post 79 hosted a lunch for the public. Thjjese cermonies were made possible by Boy Scout Troops 466 and 424, Flintofts Funeral Home, The Daughters of the American Revolution and others.

  • Thank you Art for all you do to support the veteran community. The Valley is fortunate to have you and your team at the American Legion.

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