Police: Student makes social media threats, arrested for Felony Harassment in Threat to Public Safety

UPDATE | October 25, 2018, 10AM

The Snoqualmie Police Department provide more details about the arrest of a student who made social media threats.

According to a SPD news release, several Mount Si High School students reported to the SVSD School Resource Officer they had seen some disturbing pictures and videos on Snapchat over the weekend that included an image of a 15-year-old male with a handgun, along with threatening statements that were of concern for student safety.

Police said the images were of a known acquaintance who had recently been expelled from Two Rivers High School for a drug-related arrest. Detectives went to several locations in North Bend and Snoqualmie looking for the subject. He was found just outside of Snoqualmie, but was not in possession of firearms.

The student was taken into custody without incident and booked into the King County Juvenile Detention Center on the felony charges. Detectives believe he acted alone and that there is no concern for student safety in relation to this incident.



On October 24, 2018 via press release the Snoqualmie Valley School District stated  the Snoqualmie Police notified district officials that they had arrested a student who was recently expelled from Two Rivers School.  The juvenile student is being held on a felony charge for making a threat on social media about harming a school.

Some high school students who saw the threat posted as a Snapchat message reported their concerns to a principal and the district’s School Resource Officer today.  Law enforcement immediately worked to investigate and search for the student, who was apprehended at a location outside of Snoqualmie.

The District said it is grateful to the students who did the right thing – to report the threat.

Per the release, “this was a very real example of the importance and power of See Something, Say Something.  Whether there is a threat to a school, to others, or to one’s self – please treat all threats seriously.  Report what you hear or see as soon as you learn of a concern, with as much details as possible, so schools and law enforcement can work quickly to verify facts and expedite an investigation.”

SVSD said it is especially grateful for the support, partnership and good work of the Snoqualmie Police department today for working to ensure the safety of our schools.

For future concerns, if students have cause to See Something, Say Something, the district said to please call 911 or notify a school official.  Mount Si High School also has a tipline at: https://snoqualmie-wa.safeschoolsalert.com/ for tips via text, email, phone or the web.


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