Tanner Jeans Random Acts of Kindness Day

Christen Jeans’s beautiful words on her Facebook wall this morning inspired me to encourage all of you out there to consider a random act of kindness today.

Today would have been Tanner’s 14th birthday…

“Fourteen years ago I became a mom for the first time. I’ll never forget driving home from Overlake with the most precious cargo, all 6 lb 15 oz of sweet Tanner. Seven years was not nearly enough time with our son. Please consider performing a random act of kindness in Tanner’s memory.” ~ Christen Jeans, 9/29/10.

Whether it’s a smile for a stranger, letting someone in front of you in traffic or just a simple hug…. every bit of kindness helps.

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  • Thanks for posting this reminder. Even though I didn’t know the Jeans at the time, I remember crying regularly for the next couple of weeks after Tanner’s accident. You can’t overstate the impact he had (and continues to have) on our community.

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