Teen Drug Use Town Hall: Local organizations partner for No-nonsense Conversation, May 18th

Numerous community organizations, including the Emergency Nurses Association, Friends of Youth, Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, Church on the Ridge, are all coming together for an important, and sometimes touchy, conversation next week…  with a Town Hall to talk about drug use.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital (SVH) nurse Mary Perryman, who is also the Washington Emergency Nurses Association Injury and Prevention Chair, recently received funding from the association to sponsor the upcoming Town Hall, which happens Wednesday, May 18th at 7PM at Church on the Ridge, 35131 SE Douglas Street.

Mary said last year Snoqualmie Valley Hospital’s emergency room saw 27 patients, aged 12 – 20-year-old, with substance abuse, suicide or alcohol issues.  She feels that’s too many for one community and wanted to help.

After reports earlier this year about increased drug and alcohol use at the Mount Si Freshman Campus, Mary decided to use her funding to work with local community groups to bring the important Town Hall conversation to the Snoqualmie Valley community.

She said the May 18th Town Hall will be a no-nonsense conversation about current drugs being used; signs, symptoms and consequences of drug abuse; how to engage in important conversations between parents and teens.

According to Town Hall organizers, Dave Boblitt, who has been working for 14 years as an inpatient treatment center youth addiction counselor, “will deliver a no-fluff, high-energy, original humor presentation designed to inform and educate.”

They say Dave has over a decade’s worth of experience leading important conversations like these – ones that can change lives and help keep youth safe. His presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Laura Smith of Snoqualmie Valley Community Network said Mount Si High School’s Prevention Specialist will also on hand to meet parents and share resources.

The free Town Hall is for parents, teens, and community members who want to better understand substance abuse, its impacts and strategies for preventing drug use.

Coffee, light snacks – and even childcare is provided for attendees.


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