Thousands Of Garbage Containers Await Removal As Waste Management Is Officially Ready To Start Collecting Snoqualmie's Garbage Next Week

Have you driven by the corner of Railroad Ave (Highway 202) and Snoqualmie Parkway lately?  If so, it’s hard not to notice the thousands of garbage, recycle and yard waste containers stored there; evidence of the completion of the big 2012 “Snoqualmie Garbage Can Switch Out.”  10,000 garbage containers in one location isn’t something you see (or smell) everyday.  Now all that’s left is for Allied Waste to move those thousands of cans out of town.

Today, June 1st, marks Waste Management’s last delivery day of Snoqualmie residents’ new garbage/recycle/composting containers.  Originally a WM spokesperson stated May 31st was the last delivery day, but now is reporting small pockets of deliveries will occur today as well.  Waste Management officially replaces Allied Waste as Snoqualmie’s garbage service provider beginning next week.

Looking at the stockpile of thousands of switched out garbage containers from the past two weeks, it appears the transition went pretty seamlessly.  Yes, there were a few hiccups, but nothing that slowed the process down.  Allied Waste containers were emptied for the last time,  hauled out by Enterprise rental trucks and new shiny cans dropped off by Waste Management the same day.

According to an employee watching over the temporary garbage can storage location, about 1,200 containers were dropped daily at the Snoqualmie Parkway site since last Monday.  He estimated they collected about 10,000 cans and carts at the location as they finished the switch out today.  The exiting company, Allied Waste, was responsible for removing all of their containers from Snoqualmie homes and businesses and dropping them at the temporary storage spot.

Kathy Mantz, Waste Management Public Sector Manager, says Waste Management will finishdelivering all new Snoqualmie residential and commercial carts and containers today, which allows garbage service to seamlessly transition to their company as of June 4th.

Snoqualmie is a small city, but the garbage service transition still required a lot of planning.  “Transition time varies depending on the size the scope of the contract.” explained Kathy.  “Implementation planning meetings began with the city in back in January.”

Kathy praised the Snoqualmie community when she said, “The city staff has been wonderful to work with, as have the folks at the [Snoqualmie] Ridge Owners Association and throughout the community.  Snoqualmie is a wonderful and ‘green’ community.  Residents and business owners have been very gracious to us, as have council members and local groups and organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Railroad Museum folks.  It has been a joy for us and we are sincerely excited to begin service.”

For anyone who did not receive their new containers, please contact Kathy Mantz, Waste Management Public Sector Manager, at, with your information.  If Allied Waste did not pick up your old containers, they can be reached at 425-392-6651.

Now, how many trucks is it going to take Allied Waste to get those thousands of old cans hauled out of Snoqualmie?



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