Three week closure of busy downtown North Bend intersection starts SOON; businesses need support during construction

The City of North Bend recently announced that a three-week closure of the intersection of North Bend Way and Main Ave is expected to start September 5th, lasting approximately three weeks.

The closure is part of the Downtown Plaza project that will replace some underground utilities, redesign/upgrade sidewalks and improve traffic flow through the downtown core.

During the North Bend Way/Main Ave closure, there will also be reduced parking near the construction area. Traffic detours and signage will be in place to direct people around the project site, along with signage pointing drivers to alternative parking locations.

Downtown Businesses Open, Need Local Support

Trying to frequent your favorite downtown businesses?  They want you to know that they’re open and encourage residents to use the alternative parking lots and continue to frequent their favorite spots.

The city also encourages residents and visitors to continue supporting downtown businesses during construction. One downtown business owner summed it up saying, “We need the support more than ever.”

The image below shows multiple alternative parking areas available for shoppers.

Downtown Plaza Project Timeline

The Downtown Plaza Project  is expected to last through November 2017. The City of North Bend says the project will “create an attractive and safe downtown environment to shop, dine and gather. It will result in widened sidewalks, pedestrian amenities, and traffic calming measures to improve safety and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicular traffic.”

More information, including construction phases and conceptual drawings can be found on the City of North Bend Public Works Department Current Projects Web Page.


New sidewalks being poured as during Downtown Plaza Project construction. Photo: Mary Miller


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  • Until someone puts some money into those buildings and solves the traffic issues you can make pretty pictures in the street all you want and nothing will change. The buildings (I’m talking about you ugly antique store) need to be renovated or razed and redeveloped so that they can become productive. The businesses should be two stories and in the style of Pro Ski and George’s(Georgia’s). Or some other theme that’s calls out our timber history. My opinion at least.

  • Last 2 times I’ve tried to go to Chang Thai (including this Wednesday 8/30), they were inexplicably closed in the middle of the week. No sign, no explanation, nothing. Unfortunately I think I’m giving up on them and will just plan on Unphogettable instead.

  • With the Historic district designations attached to many of those buildings, you wont be seeing any true renovations anytime soon. It’s way to expensive to comply with the strict regulations that come with the historic designation and the rents will never justify the added expense.

    1. Yeah, and that’s something the city and residents need to think hard about. And speak up about. Unless we revitalize the downtown core, and I mean the buildings, all North Bend will ever be is a semi disjointed mixture of a few mismatched businesses. Rather than realizing the potential of becoming a really cool productive downtown that where businesses and jobs thrive, capitalizes on our history, and connection to the outdoors. We’re always going to play second fiddle to Snoqualmie, and even towns like Duvall. I can see NB thriving like Hood River, or maybe Leavenworth(but without the traffic and loads festivals :-)) if we really put some thought into making it possible to renovate and develope the downtown few blocks. I think the sidewalk plan was foolhardy.

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