Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2016 | Big Foot, epic Rainbow, history, iconic landscapes

Each New Year’s Eve we go through the hundreds of Snoqualmie Valley photos shared on the popular Living Snoqualmie Facebook page to determine our year end Top 10 list.

There are so many beautiful landscape photos of the Valley’s iconic spots and its inhabitants – including Snoqualmie Falls, the Snoqualmie River, Mount Si, the local elk herds – encased in by the colors of sunrise, sunsets, snow, changing leaves.

The Top 10 list was determined by Facebook statistics – or the photos’s total reach. Facebook calculates that total reach by how much activity the our photo share posts received. So the more likes, shares, photo clicks and comments it gets, the more newsfeeds the photo makes it through out there in social media cyberspace – AND the larger total reach.  [Facebook tracks these stats within the Living Snoqualmie page insights, which we can access.]

We thank you for sharing your photos with us – and allowing us re-share those images via social media. The Snoqualmie Valley is a very special place and we enjoy showing others its beauty and history.

If you stop by the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page and click ‘photos’ you can scroll through all the pictures we shared this year (and past years), as there are so many beautiful shots that came oh-so-close to landing on this list.

To share photos with us: email (; Facebook message them; or just share them right to the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page.

2016 Living Snoqualmie Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos

#10 – 12 Sign on Fall Colored Hillside

This photo of the locally famous 12th Man sign on Dr. Mike Treuting’s property in Preston is a favorite site for many drivers on I-90 – especially during the NFL season. Snoqualmie resident Manju Shekhar capture the sign surrounded by fall color in October. [Facebook reach – 22,200]

#9 – Sunrise over Snoqualmie Falls

Early hours don’t scare local photographer and North Bend resident, Don Detrick. This photo was taken in early February of iconic Snoqualmie Falls. [Facebook reach – 22,300]

#8 – Falls at Midnight

North Bend resident Brian Scott captured this photo of Snoqualmie Falls in October. Brian is a caretaker of the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater property, which allows him access to some different vantage points of the Falls. [Facebook reach 22,500]

# 7 – Snowy Snoqualmie Falls

Don Detrick also captured this photo of Snoqualmie Falls in early December, after the areas first brush with snow. [Facebook reach 24,700]

#6 –  Mount Si Looms over Elk Herd

Gary Anderson captured this photo of Mount Si looming closely over a grazing Snoqualmie Valley elk in May. [Facebook reach 41,400]

# 5 – Mount Si Reflection in Middle Fork

Avid Valley photographer Don Detrick again makes the list with the most popular of the many photos he shared with us in 2016. This August the middle fork Snoqualmie River was incredibly still, which allowed Don to capture this reflection of Mount Si in the water. [Facebook reach – 42,900]

#4 – Maloney Grove Elk

The local elk herd again makes the top 10 list. This photo was taken by North Bend resident Danny Raphael in August. He captured the elk grazing around sunrise in the Maloney Grove area of North Bend. [Facebook reach – 57,200

# 3 – Big Foot on Board

North Bend resident Melissa Grant was just heading home in February when she spotted Big Foot on I-90 near exit 34 – and snapped a photo for proof.  This picture just goes to show you that not only local landscapes capture people’s attention social media. [Facebook reach – 73,700]

#2 – Logging Trucks of the Past Dominate downtown North Bend

This historic photo of old logging trucks hauling massive old growth timber through downtown North Bend intrigued many folks on social media.  The Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum photo was shared 1,675 times since we shared it in mid January 2016.

#1 –  Pot of Gold at the Base of Mount Si

The top spot in 2016 goes to local 17-year Logan Roy, who climbed a ladder to the top of the building at the corner of Bendigo Blvd and North Bend Way when a rainbow appeared two days before St. Patrick’s Day. Logan works for Compass Outdoor Adventures, which has shop space in the building. He was in the right spot – at the right time – to capture this photo with his iPhone, which had a Facebook reach of 192,600.



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