Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2015

One thing we love to do on the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page is share photos readers and followers send in.

So once again we went through all of our Facebook photo shares for the year to see which pictures had the biggest reach – i.e. how many Facebook feeds the photos were pushed through.

That total reach is based on the activity the photo gets on Facebook – a combination of the amount of likes, shares and clicks the photo receives.

Please keep send us your photos by posting them to the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page, messaging them to us via Facebook or emailing them to

This is a magnificent place where we live – surrounded by natural beauty everywhere you look.  Hopefully you agree that theses photos captured that beauty perfectly.

Thank you to all the wonderful photographers (hobby and professional) who share their work with us!

10)  Mount Si Reflection by Cindi Soderman (13.7K total reach)

mt si snow reflection millpond

9)  ‘Infinity’ – Snoqualmie River Sunset above the Falls by Kevin Mullins (16.1K total reach)

Photo: Kevin Mullins

8)   Red Leaves by Kelly Hasenoehrl (17.2K total reach) Originally posted by USA Today Facebook page

Fall leaves

7)  Christmas at the Snoqualmie Depot by Brandon Fell (17.8K total reach)

snoqualmie depot

6)  Downtown North Bend by Danny Raphael (18.1K total reach)

5)  Bears in my Ridge Backyard by Kristin Kingrey (18.8K total reach)

bears in my yard

4)  Snowy Mount Si Up Close by Cindi Soderman ( 21.7 total reach)

snowy mt si

3)  Mount Si & Mountain Meadows Farm by Brandon Fell (total reach 34K)

si view beauty

2)  Full Moon over Snoqualmie Falls by Jim Reitz (51.7K total reach)


1)  Snoqualmie Falls 10 Day Comparison by Krista & Richard Chiu (total reach 2.2 million)

This photo actually went a bit viral thanks to the power of social media.  The photo was taken from the same spot on October 23, 2015 and then again on November 1, 2015.  The first photo depicts the falls after a summer of drought conditions and the second photo shows it after a windy fall storm and phase 3 flood event.  The comparison photo has been shared on Facebook nearly 25,000 over the past two months.

Falls comparison






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