Two NEW Restaurants coming to Snoqualmie

UPDATE | December 1, 2015

Both Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant and Caadxi, Taste of Oaxaca (described as ‘authentic’ Mexican food) have opened their doors to patrons in downtown Snoqualmie.

The evening of  November 30, 2015 the open signs were on and customers were in both restaurants. Neither businesses appears to have websites or Facebook pages yet, but Copperstone is currently working on theirs –


It appears two recent business sales in downtown Snoqualmie will produce two new restaurants for the Snoqualmie Valley in the coming weeks.

Last month Ray’s Dining Car announced the restaurant was sold and would be closed until late November or early December as the new owners would be remodeling and reopening under a new name.

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The place has been undergoing renovations, including an exterior paint job and refreshing. The new restaurant is called Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant.


A few doors down, Maverick BBQ was also recently sold and according to some downtown business owners, the spot will be transformed into a family-run Mexican Restaurant. The Texas-style barbecue restaurant had been in town for less than a year.

In fact, there are rumors the Mexican-style booths from Ray’s that were formerly part of La Fogata (which occupied the spot before Ray’s) might be moved to the new restaurant called, Caadxi, Taste of Oaxaca.

new mexican restaurant

There’s no word on exact opening dates for the new restaurants, but if you haven’t strolled through downtown Snoqualmie recently you should.  The whole downtown core has been remodeled and all the construction is done.

Corner’s Gift Store also recently opened with lots of great home and seasonal decor. There are many  great businesses waiting for you!

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