Two small earthquakes recorded Sunday morning, centered near North Bend

Did something wake you up early this morning?

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PSSN reported a 3.2 magnitude earthquake centered about 11 miles southeast of North Bend at 5:02AM, January 22, 2017. [First reports measure the quake as 3.3, but were later adjusted.]

The small earthquake occurred at a depth of 1.68 miles and lasted only a few seconds. According to a few early morning social media reports, it was felt by a few Snoqualmie Valley residents in North Bend and Snoqualmie Ridge, with some east North Bend residents reporting homes shaking and  a loud boom.

A second small earthquake was recorded at 8:43AM in nearly this same spot – this time 10.7 miles southeast of North Bend. It was originally reported as a 2.8 magnitude quake, but PNSN later revised it to 1.9 magnitude. It was also much shallower – at a depth of .18 miles.

I happened to feel the first quake in Snoqualmie. I would describe it a quick jolt – lasting just a couple of seconds. My first thought was did we just have an earthquake? Then I went back to watching Netflix,  hoping I would fall back to sleep. That didn’t happen.

Happy Sunday, Snoqualmie Valley!

3.2 Earthquake centered about 11 miles SE of North Bend. Photo: Google Maps



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