You’ve Been Bubbled | Large Water Feature Apparent Victim of Soap Prank

It appears the large water feature at the entrance to the Eagle Pointe neighborhood on Snoqualmie Ridge (corner of Snoqualmie Parkway and Jacobia Street) got “punked” last night.

The large waterfall water feature was almost ‘bubbling over’ the morning of June 15, 2016 – the apparent victim of a dish soap prank.

The Snoqualmie Ridge ROA, which is responsible for maintaining the water feature, was alerted to the large bubble bath Wednesday morning and was contacting their landscape company.

At first glance, the bubbles may give drivers a laugh, but fixing bubble pranks doesn’t come cheap. Most often the water features have to be drained (and this one in Snoqualmie is BIG) and the soap cleaned out – and sometimes the soap can can clog the water feature’s pipes and damage its motors.

Although this water feature extends to both sides of Jacobia at the entrance to Eagle Pointe, it appears only the feature on the north side was hit with soap.

The Snoqualmie Police Department stated it did not receive any call reporting the apparent bubble prank.

For reference in the below photo: the water level sits about 3-4 feet below street level in this location, which means the bubbles might be about 8-9 feet high in some spots.


Photo: Stacey Hecht
Photo: Stacey Hecht


Photo: Sarah Breece.
Photo: Sarah Breece.


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